Sean Delahanty New Logos And Apparel

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Judge Sean Delahanty New Logos   Better Schools Kentucky (BSK) which represents JCTA the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) collective bargaining organization that represents Louisville’s public school teachers and educators.     CFair the political organization of...

Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses

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Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses According To LBA Poll A Louisville Bar Association poll could suggest Judge Sean Delahanty is the most qualified candidate for District Court Division 6.  Delahanty was rated highly qualified by 45% of attorneys compared to Lisa Langford. 

Kentucky Appellate Survey: Vote Sean Delahanty

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Kentucky Appellate Survey: Vote Sean Delahanty Judge Delahanty’s experience, legal knowledge and familiarity with the Louisville community and the unique issues facing Louisville are compelling reasons to re-elect him to continue to serve as Jefferson District Court Judge. JUDGE SEAN

GLCLC Endorses Judge Sean Delahanty

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Greater Louisville Central Labor Council – 2018 Endorsements   RACE CANDIDATE Bullitt County Sheriff Myra Minton Endorsed Bullitt Judge Executive Tony Thompson Endorsed Bullitt Magistrate District 2 Cindy Robertson Endorsed Bullitt Magistrate District 3 Mike Higgins Endorsed District

C Fair of the Fairness Campaign Endorses Sean Delahanty

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Sean Delahanty is honored to receive the endorsement of C Fair the PAC of the Fairness Campaign. ” The Committee for Fairness and Individual Rights, C-FAIR, is the political action committee of the Fairness Campaign. C-FAIR endorses candidates in state and