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Judge Sean R. Delahanty is a native of Louisville, Kentucky who was introduced to the importance and value of equal treatment and opportunity for all citizens of Louisville through the grass roots work of his parents Dolores and Bob Delahanty.  He received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Louisville and his J.D. from the Brandeis School of Law.  Judge Delahanty is married and has two adult children.  Following graduation from law school, he was a self-employed general practitioner for 18 years, representing clients in civil and criminal practice in state and federal courts.  He is currently serving his 20th year as the Jefferson District Court Judge in Division Six and was elected by his colleagues to serve as Chief Judge during the District Court reorganization.  Judge Delahanty has served on numerous state and judicial commissions and has conducted several educational seminars.  When in private practice he consistently donated pro bono hours to indigent clients.  Judge Delahanty believes that an experienced bench makes the community strong.