Most judicial candidates on May 22 primary ballots sign committee’s pledge to campaign fairly

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Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Each election year the Committee asks judicial candidates to sign a pledge that they will conduct their campaigns in accordance with the Kentucky Code of Judicial Conduct, and disavow advertising that uses false or misleading information that impugns the integrity of a candidate or the judicial system, or that erodes public trust and confident in the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. Most of the candidates who are opposed in the May 22 primary have signed the pledge. Primaries are held in judicial races with three or more candidates, sending the top two vote-getters to the Nov. 6 general election. The primary-ballot candidates signing the pledge are listed below, with the number of candidates in the race if more than three. This list has been updated since the original April 26 posting, and will continue to be updated if more candidates on primary ballots submit agreements. Candidates who do NOT appear on the primary ballot are not listed; this list will be updated for the general election.

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT, Third District Debra Hembree Lambert, Burnside David Tapp, Somerset JUDGE OF THE COURT of APPEALS, Seventh District, unexpired term (six candidates) David Barber, Morehead Kevin Sinnette, Ashland Gene Smallwood, Whitesburg Larry Thompson, Pikeville CIRCUIT JUDGE, Family Court, unexpired term, 16th Circuit, 5th Division Pete Roush, Covington Terri King Schoborg, Covington CIRCUIT JUDGE, Family Court, unexpired term, 22nd Circuit, 1st Division (four candidates) Gregory Napier, Lexington Nam Nguyen, Lexington Eileen O’Brien, Lexington CIRCUIT JUDGE, Family Court, unexpired term, 30th Circuit, 4th Division (four candidates) Bryan Gatewood, Fisherville Lauren Adams Ogden, Louisville Shelley Santry, Louisville DISTRICT JUDGE 6th District, 3rd Division Daniel M. “Nick” Burlew, Owensboro Misty Miller, Maceo 11th District, 2nd Division (five candidates) Jude Hagan, Lebanon Dawn McCauley, Lebanon Jeremy Ancil Wood, Campbellsville 30th District, 3rd Division Tracy Davis, Louisville Jim Green, Prospect 30th District, 6th Division Sean Delahanty, Louisville Alex Gaddis, Louisville 30th District, 9th Division (four candidates) Danny Alvarez, Louisville Andre Bergeron, Louisville Karen Faulkner, Louisville 33rd District (six candidates) B. Cody Goehring, Hazard Becky Williams Patterson, Hazard Teresa Combs Reed, Hazard Sheila Clemons Stoffel, Hazard 35th District, 1st Division (four candidates) Joe Jett Friend, Pikeville Amber Hunt Sisco, Pikeville Robert F. Wright, Pikeville

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