Metro Lou Women's Political Caucus Endorses Judge Sean Delahanty

Category: Endorsements

The campaign and Sean Delahanty are honored to have received the endorsement of the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus for Jefferson District Court Division 6.

Endorsements (2018 Elections)

The Caucus is pleased to endorse the following candidates who are committed to the mission and values of our organization:

Greg Fischer Mayor of Louisville
Sherry S. Conner Mayor of Shively
Michael O’Connell Jefferson County Attorney
Karen Berg State Senate 26
Gay Adelmann State Senate 36
Tom Burch State Representative 30
Ashley May Nash State Representative 33
Lisa Willner State Representative 35
Jeff Grammer State Representative 36
Nima Kulkarni State Representative 40
Reginald Meeks State Representative 42
Charles Booker State Representative 43
Annie O’Connell Circuit Court 2
Shelly Santry Family Court 4
Derwin Webb Family Court 10
Tracy Davis District Court 3
Julie Kaelin District Court 4

Sean Delahanty

District Court


Karen Faulkner District Court 9
Jessica Green Metro Council 1
Josephine Layne Buckner Metro Council 3
Paula McCraney Metro Council 7
Marcella Eubank Metro Council 15
Nicole George Metro Council 21

Endorsements (2018 Elections)

More About the Caucus

The Caucus works to increase women’s participation in the political process and to identify, recruit, train and support feminist women for election and appointment to public office.


  • To strive for equality for all women
  • To ensure reproductive freedom
  • To achieve quality dependent care
  • To eradicate sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ageism, ableism, violence, poverty and discrimination on the basis of religion or sexual orientation


  • Encourage women to be active and effective in all aspects of the political process
  • Support endorsed candidates who run for or are appointed to office
  • Organize women for political action on women’s issues
  • Initiate, lobby and monitor legislation which guarantees women equal protection under the law and for programs and measures which benefit women