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2018 Midterm Elections


While the president is not on the ballot, his performance is often said to be felt “down ticket” or among local candidates and legislative offices such as the US House and US Senate.  Kentucky does not have a Governor’s or Senators race this year leaving the top office in the Midterm Elections as US House members.  In Louisville, John Yarmouth is the long serving democrat for the 3rd Congressional District.  Yarmouth is largely considered safe (not being partisan just noting historic trends).

Historically Midterm elections benefit the party not in the White House.  Two years after Obama was elected congress flipped Republican, it had also flipped 2 years into Bush and Clinton’s presidencies.  This anti-wave seems to push back the winning party of the presidential election in races across local, state and federal offices.  How might it affect Angela Leet, GOP candidate for Metro Mayor?

23 – 2

The key numbers to watch for are 23 and 2.  The democrats need that many more, 23 house members and two senators to take control of both houses of congress.

A long time favorite site for keeping up with these elections is 538 or  Some predictions of that site are included below.

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