KY Justice Secretary Says Out Of Room By 2019

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[su_note] Jail Overcrowding Alarm Bells Rung By Matthew Leffler Judge Sean Delahanty has been warning of this dire situation and in the absence of legislation or prosecutorial restraint, we have to find alternatives to the status quo.  Judge Delahanty has worked to keep Louisville’s

Cash Bail System Traps The Poor In Jail

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  “Right now, you can have two people charged with the exact same crime and one gets out of jail because they can afford” to pay, said Sen. Julie Raque Adams, R-Louisville, who sponsored the Senate bill. “It’s truly based on financial means and nothing else. How do you level the playing

Metro Jail Population Surges With Program's Halt

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Jefferson District Judge Sean Delahanty, the lone judge to conduct the reviews since Judge Don Armstrong was defeated in November, said they have saved the city millions of dollars and prevented the jail from falling under a federal judge’s control, as it was in the 1980s because of chronic