Jefferson County KY Voting Precincts Map


voting polling location map

Louisville KY Voter Polling Locations

Voting precincts inside Jefferson County, Kentucky are based off of 2013 redistricting precincts and aligned to the county boundary. These boundaries represent areas used during the voting and election administration. This dataset contains polygons and attributes which represent the 623 voting precincts in Jefferson County, Kentucky. It includes the precinct name or number assigned following the redistricting process. The data was generated following the release of the 2010 Census data and was finalized in 2013, after a court mandated redistricting revision. Precinct boundaries are the fundamental building blocks of all political layers in Jefferson County, KY.

[su_note note_color=”#ffb566″]We’ve added a map of the over 600 election precincts in Louisville to our 2018 Complete Voter Guide. You can access it from the top menu at “Voter Guide”.[/su_note]

Visit if the map from the County Clerk’s website fails to load.