Can I Have My Voting Rights Restored If A Felon


Voting Rights Restoration

In Kentucky, non-violent felons can apply for voting rights registration/record expungement 5 years after their probation or the end of their sentence.  Complete the Restoration of Civil Rights Application and return it to the Kentucky Department Of Corrections address at the bottom of the application.  It can take 12 weeks before the application is processed so completing it early is important.
You can read more about the process and challenges here in Kentucky provided by the Brennan Center.  It discusses the changes Gov. Beshear rook before leaving office and the changes Gov. Matt Bevin took to undo the reforms.
Voting is an important right, despite the current process you should complete the application.  Voting Rights will only be restored if you actively seek them.

Following an executive order on December 22, 2015 by the state’s governor, Kentucky’s felony disenfranchisement law is once again one of the harshest in the nation. Its constitution permanently bars all individuals with past felony convictions from voting, unless the governor restores the right to vote. – Brennan Center

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