What does Jefferson County District Court handle


Kentucky District Courts are trial courts of limited jurisdiction in Kentucky. Matters heard by the district courts include city and county ordinance violations, juvenile matters, traffic offenses, misdemeanors, probate, preliminary felony hearings, small claims and civil cases involving $4,000 or less. Along with the family courts, the district courts hear cases of domestic violence. Appeals may be heard by the Kentucky Circuit Courts.
There are 60 judicial districts in Kentucky, served by 116 judges. These judges are chosen in nonpartisan elections and serve four-year terms. In the event of midterm vacancies, the governor may appoint a replacement from a list of candidates recommended by the Kentucky Judicial Nominating Commission.
Jefferson County is the 30th district in Kentucky.  The 30th District is divided into divisions. Sean Delahanty is the Division Six Judge and was first elected in 1989.