What Were The Results Of The May Election


2018 District Court Primary Results

The May election typically decides who a party’s candidate will be for the general election.  As judicial races are nonpartisan, political party is not considered, the primary simply narrows the choice down to the top two candidates by votes. In Division 6 there were three candidates.  While Judge Delahanty received the most votes this only qualified Judge Delahanty and Prosecutor Lisa Langford as the two official candidates for the November election.

District Court Division 6

Voters are presented with a choice between Sean Delahanty who has been a judge for over twenty years and prior to that served as a defense attorney or a career prosecutor Lisa Langford.

Choice   Votes Percent
Alexander ‘Alex’ GADDIS 14,867 16.14%
Sean R. DELAHANTY 42,308 45.93%
Lisa L. LANGFORD 34,946 37.93%
Total 92,121

Additionally two other District Court Divisions were voted on in the May primary election.

District Court Divisions 9th and 3rd

In the 9th Division Daniel ‘Danny’ Alvarez received the most votes followed by Tanisha Ann Hickerson. Tragically Danny Alvarez passed away. This means Tanisha Hickerson will run unopposed in Division 9.

Choice   Votes Percent
Tanisha Ann HICKERSON 22,470 24.05%
Karen E. FAULKNER 22,453 24.03%
Daniel ‘Danny’ ALVAREZ 28,694 30.71%
Andre L. BERGERON 19,830 21.22%
Total 93,447

Tracy Davis and Kristina Garvey received the most votes for the 3rd Division of District Court and will be the candidates this November.

Choice   Votes Percent
Kristina GARVEY 36,480 40.51%
Tracy DAVIS 29,770 33.06%
James Michael ‘Jim’ GREEN 23,799 26.43%
Total 90,049