Who Are The Current District Court Judges


The current 2018 Jefferson County District Court Judges in Louisville, KY’s 30th District are
Division 1: Annette Karem
Division 2: Amber B. Wolf
Division 3: Sandra L. McLaughlin
Division 4: Todd Hollenbach
Division 5: Jennifer Leibson
Division 6: Sean R. Delahanty
Division 7: Jennifer Bryant Wilcox
Division 8: David P. Bowles
Division 9: Andre L. Bergeron
Division 10: Sara Michael Nicholson
Division 11: Jessica Moore
Division 12: Eric Haner
Division 13: Anne Delahanty
Division 14: Stephanie Pearce Burke
Division 15: Anne Haynie
Division 16: Katie King
Division 17: Erica Lee Williams