Louisville Election Results

Once polls close in Louisville poll workers print out a report from the ballot boxes that looks much like a receipt.  This starts the paper trail.  Results are then turned into the County Clerk for municipal offices and the State Board of Elections receives the Judicial and National races.

Each entity releases these numbers.  Anyone can find the vote numbers though as the paper receipt is taped inside a window of the polling place facing out.  Reporters can run up and read who got what votes and report those to news outlets before they are released by the County Clerk or State Board.

On election day we’ll try to aggregate these sources here.

Projected Winners – Without A Vote Cast?

Each year offices go uncontested, simply no one signed up to challenge the current office holder or sometimes no one actually signs up.  This is unfortunate because even the best public servant should have to participate in a discussion with voters ever so often and prove to us why they should be reelected.  Elections are about choices and citizens willing to lead our community, this process makes the candidates better prepared to serve the populace.

With that said here are your projected winners with no votes cast.

Uncontested Races

2018 Election Predictions

Want to share 2018 election predictions?  You can at our interactive site https://fordelahanty.com there are forums, chat and polls there.  We require users be Louisville voters, after removing seven accounts registered with Russian email accounts.